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Speziell entwickelt für die Montage von albis technologies der 2102 Serie. Mit Netzteil-Halterung.


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albis technologies Rack Mount Kit

This Rack Mount Kit is specially designed to outperform the original albis technologies 1HU Mounting Set. It supports a guided airflow by closing the front as good as possible. This is especially important in datacenters using Cold Aisle Containments or similar cooling strategies. It is made of chromium steel and is more stable than the original. This productiveNetwork Rack Mount Kit is the most cost efficient way to mount your albis technologies device.

For all 19" Racks, please ask for 23" versions.

Ready for Datacenter Cooling

This Kit is the only solution to mount your device in a datacenter with Cold Aisle Containments or similar cooling strategies. This results in higher energy efficiency and saves money.

Support for the Power Supply

This rack mount solution has an included bracket for the power supply.

Flat Mounting

This Kit is the only solution to mount your device flat into your rack. This results in more space for your cables and connectors.

Space Saving

With our unique design you are able to save space in your storage.

Reverse Mounting

The device is mountable either with the connection- or display-side to the front of the rack.


This Kit fits with new albis technologies device families which provide mounting holes on the bottom. If there is such a device which does not fit please contact our customer support.

This kit does fit with the following series:

  • Acceed-Family (Ethernet Demarcation Devices)

    • 2102 and similar

For other albis technology devices call our support or use rmk-atACCEED-ps. This kit does not fit with albis technologies Subracks and Compact Shelves.

5 Years Warranty

In compliance with Swiss law pN Rack Mounts are delivered with full 5 years warranty.

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