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Speziell entwickelt für die Montage von Cisco 866VAE und 867VAE Router. Mit Netzteil-Halterung.


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Cisco 866VAE and 867VAE Rack Mount Kit

This Rack Mount Kit is specially designed to fit with the Cisco 866VAE (-K9) and 867VAE (-K9) router. It is made of chrome steel and it is also very low priced. With an embedded holder for the power supply this kit is making a shelf board obsolete and mounts everything in just one rack height unit. The productiveNetwork Rack Mount Kit is the most cost efficient way to mount your router.

For all 19" Racks, please ask for 23" versions.

Support for the Power Supply

This Rack Mount Solution has an included bracket for the power supply.

Fast to Fix

With our unique design you're able to fix your router with just two screws.


This Kit fits with the listed Cisco devices with metal case only. If there is such a device which does not fit please contact our customer support.

Cisco 866VAE
Cisco 866VAE-K9
Cisco 867VAE
Cisco 867VAE-K9

5 Years Warranty

In compliance with Swiss law pN Rack Mounts are delivered with full 5 years warranty.

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