Compatible rack mount kit for Cisco 1000 series.

This universal rack mount kit is designed specifically for the Cisco FPR-1010 router. It is made of chrome steel and is easier and faster to install than the Cisco FPR1K-DT-RACK-MNT= and is also less expensive. With an integrated bracket for the power supply, this kit eliminates the need for a shelf board and mounts everything in just one height unit. The productiveNetwork Rack Mount Kit is the most cost-effective way to mount your router.


Cisco 1000 series Rack Mount Kit

2018-08-30: The all-new AVM FRITZ!box Rack Mount series!

The AVM company from Berlin enjoy an increasing sales all over Europe. While most routers are installed in residental homes, they also spread in to the SME market. That's the reason we started developing a whole serie of four Rack Mounts to cover the most important FRITZ!boxes. Let's install the unmountable and take a look.

AVM FRITZ!box 7590 Rack Mount

2018-08-28: Payment by PostFinance installed

With an important market share of online payments in Switzerland, PostFinance is now supported again. Find out more here about our current payment system.

2018-07-30: Summer Holidays

Dear clients, we take a rest from 2018-07-30 to 2018-08-03 for Summer holidays. During this week we take orders on our webshop but shipping them on 2018-08-06. We thank you for your patience.

2018-06-06: Translation finished

For support of our german-speaking customers we have translated the website. Thank you for your patience as this took some time.

2018-02-26: Server Migration successful

Finally, our Server and Webshop system is up to date again. Some hints of the work we've done: SSD Hosting for faster response time, domain move from .ch to .com, reconfiguration of the backup system, update of the webshop software and all the plugins and finally a migration of the payment system to our partner SIX. Thanks for your patience as we had some downtime Friday 22nd. And, because of the new and save Hash-database for the passwords, all customers are requested to renew their passwords.

2018-01-01: Our company's legal state has changed to a LLC (Limited Liability Company).

For this reason, address, Reg. ID and banks accounts has changed.

Sunrise Communications

2017-11-28: Welcome Sunrise

We are happy to announce that our first delivery of Rack Mounts to Sunrise Communications has succeeded. We are looking forward to receive further orders and thanks to the Sunrise Procurement Team.

2017-05-18: Spring Holidays

Dear clients, we take a rest from 2017-05-22 to 2017-06-02 for spring holidays. During this time we have a reduced range on our webshop. Orders with available goods will be shipped at the usual speed and PO's will be confirmed too. We thank you for your patience if you need large orders.

2017-03-07: The all-new Actelis rmk-aML6XX-ps

The rmk-a600-ps got sold out - Now we updated its design and made it 10% cheaper!

The Actelis Rack Mount rmk-aML6XX-ps

2016-12-19: Winter Holidays

Dear clients, we take a rest from 2016-12-21 to 2016-12-28 for winter holidays. During this time it's not possible to order on our webshop. Orders by PO will be accomplished afterwards as fast as possible. We thank you for your patience and hope to serve you in 2017 again.

2016-11-16: Final version of the new rmk-c867VAE-ps

When Cisco introduced the new C867VAE-K9 we knew that this calls for work. And that is how we solved it:
rmk-c86Xvae-ps Rack Mount solution for Cisco 867VAE 866VAE 867VAE-K9 866VAE-K9

2016-11-07: We are happy to deliver EnerconEnercon

Finally we found a third market beside the telecommunication and transportation industry. Enercon is leading the market of onshore wind turbines in Germany and belongs to the 10 biggest producers worldwide. Of course, we adapted our Rack Mounts for the special conditions in this industry.

2016-07-23: Summer Holidays! from 2016-07-25 to 2016-08-05

Dear clients, productiveNetwok is generally closed during summer holidays. For urgent orders or request please contact us on
Europe date: 25.7.2016 - 05.08.2016
US date: 07/25/2016 - 08/05/2016

2016-07-15: productiveNetwork is moving

to our new office at Tösstalstrasse 106 in Winterthur. A nice villa with garden built in 1903, providing desperately needed office space.

Customer Tele2 Logo

2016-07-08: We are now a proud supplier of Tele2

Our first delivery to Tele2 has been done and we are looking forward for the next.

2016-04-11: productiveNetworks first delivery to South America

Pedro Zunino, Technology Manager of Samifruit Uruguay S.A. has ordered 5 kits of the Rack Mount rmk-8XX-rv-ps, after he was informed by the telecom company of Uruguay that there is no manufacturer kit to mount those Cisco 800 devices in the rack. We thank Mr. Zunino that he has searched for a solution and contacted us.

rmk-c8XX-rv-ps Cisco C880 reverse mount in Uruguay

2016-03-14: The rmk-c8XX-rv is final

After several discussions, rounds of feedback, 3D-prints and designer meetings, we got the final version of the rmk-c8XX-rv. It has gained in functions, stability and it even weighs less. Many thanks to our Clients and Partners!

Cisco Rack Mount rmk-c8XX-rv-ps

2016-02-05: Truck delivery for Europe

By enabling another shipping option, Truck delivery for whole Europe is now available. Just select the DHL Express Day Definite to have less shipping costs on large orders.

2015-11-23: Updated Terms and Conditions

As the company is growing we updated our terms and conditions. Basically nothing changed but at least the paperwork is done. And we are finally redesigning the rmk-c8XX-rv, pictures will follow.

2015-11-11: DHL Express Delivery now available worldwide!

Reacting on our customers request for a faster delivery option we added the biggest International Express Carrier. Soon we come up with an additional option of a cheaper but still fast DHL Express delivery.

2015-09-13: IT-Job Magazin 03/2015 is writing about the rmk-atACCEED-ps of productiveNetwork

IT Job Magazin 03-2015IT Job Magazin 03-2015

2015-08-27: Carrier selection problem on the webshop solved.

Due to an error in the webshop front-end the estimation of shipping costs was not working. We solved this problem today and like to thank you for your patience.

2015-08-23: We are working on the most easy, stable and universal Rackmounts for the Cisco 800 series. (Update 2015-09-15: rmk-c8XX universal V3 succesfully launched!)

2015-08-03: The redesigned Universal Rack Mount fits all the Cisco 860, 880 and 890 series is now in pilot production.

Redesigned Rack Mount for Cisco 800 series

2015-07-16: We anounce to totally redesign our rmk-c8XX universal. It will be on sale on August 2015.

2015-06-15: productiveNetwork is mentioned in the NZZ Campus journal.

(article on german)

2015-05-29: Holidays

Dear clients, We take a rest from 2015-05-30 to 2015-06-18 for holidays and education of our team. During this time it's not possible to order on our webshop. Orders by PO will be accomplished afterwards as fast as possible. We thank you for your patience and hope to serve you again very soon.

2015-05-04: pN is now proudly delivering Kongsberg Maritime!