Exista DC-UPS


DC-UPS - All in one solution with 6.6Ah Li-Ion battery

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The Smart-LEX offers the following advantages in one device:

  • Built-in power switch. The battery is then connected to the output within 200usec. In this way the connected device does not notice a power failure.
  • Lithium ion battery backup of 11.1 V or 22.2 V by customer request
  • Capacity: 6600mAh
  • Built-in latest generation battery charger with efficiency >92%
  • Battery life monitoring
  • Communication module with I2C log
  • Readiness for 10 year service life at max. 300 cycles

The UPS is equipped with the following protection mechanisms:

  • Input is from 10.8 V - 26.4 V
  • Output is from 10.8 V - 26.4 V in mains operation
  • 9.0 V – 12.4 V in battery operation
  • Protected against short circuit and overcurrent
  • Output current limitation
  • Protected against excessive discharge
  • Extended storage option through arming option

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Exista Smart Lex Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet

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