Rack Mount rmk-radETXP1-ps


This Rack Mount Kit is specially designed to fit with the RAD ETX-200 series Ethernet Modems.

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RAD-compatible ETX series Rack Mount Kit

This universal Rack Mount Kit is specially designed to fit with different RAD CPE's. It is made of chrome steel, even more stable than the original RAD RM 35-P1 and it is also lower priced. This kit is making a shelf board obsolete and mounts everything in just one height unit. The productiveNetwork Rack Mount Kit is the most cost efficient way to mount your router. For all 19" Racks; contact us for 23” or ETSI versions.

Included Power Supply Bracket

To save space and better organize your Rack, this Rack Mount Kit has an included bracket for the power supply.

Special Feature

If your Rack has not enough space between the door and the Router, just set the router 15mm back. In this way it will fit on every rack.


This Kit fits with every 8.5” metal case of RAD and is replacing the original RAD RM 35-P1. The following devices are supported:

ASMi-54 (with 8.5-inch metal enclosure only)
RIC-155GE regular unit
RICi-4E1, RICi-4T1
RICi-8E1, RICi-8T1

If a device does not fit, please contact our customer support.

This kit does not fit with:
ETX-102, ETX-201, ETX-203A
any RAD device with plastic enclosure

5 Years Warranty

In compliance with Swiss law productiveNetwork Rack Mounts are delivered with full 5 years warranty.

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